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Mountain Lake

People. Process. Technology.

Solving for "X"



DriftPoint Solutions is an outcome focused solution platform dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes.


Collectively, our team brings over 30 years of enterprise technology + management consulting expertise to your business with specialized focuses within HR + IT + Facility business units. Our strategically curated service offering provides tailor fit solutions to ensure that your organization never drifts from its intended course.


The soul of DriftPoint is rooted in our core belief that people are the most valuable asset at any organization, regardless of size, revenue, or service/product offering. People always come first. For this reason, our solution offerings will always be rooted in the "People, Process, Technology" approach. People do the work that makes your business successful, processes makes their work more efficient, and technology enables automation to streamline processes and drive your business outcomes. We take this historically successful solution model and leverage modern technology + best practices to deliver business outcomes that improve your organization at all levels.



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